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Exhibitors 2019

The first manufacturer of brass winds in France was created by the Courtois family in 1789 in Paris. In 1803, Antoine Courtois, one of the founder’s sons settled the brand Antoine Courtois Paris. Among the instruments manufactured and still perpetuated today, trombone, trumpet, family saxhorn, very quickly made the reputation of the brand. Antoine Courtois Paris passionately cultivates elegance, combining the eye and the hand of the Master to the soul and the musician’s sensibility. A musical instrument signed by Antoine Courtois Paris is a guarantee of quality and style.
Antoine Courtois Paris is a brand of Buffet Crampon

Yamaha manufactures a complete line-up of high quality trombones; from alto to bass, from student models to state-of-the-art Xeno models. Played by some of the world’s most discerning trombonists, Yamaha trombones are renowned for their unparalleled quality and consistency.


VICENTE HONORATO, at the age of only 28, created his own company devoted to the manufacture of fine jewellery. At age 30 he embarked on his new passion: the production of fine brass instruments. His creative approach was endorsed early on by leading brass practitioners. 

The hand crafting of each of Vicente Honorato’s STOMVI instruments benefits directly from Vicente Honorato’s wealth of experience in jewellery smithing. This continues a rich historical tradition that harks back to the XVIth and XVIIth centuries in Nuremberg, when artisan jewellers and craftsmen turned their talents to the production of musical instruments in dedicated workshops. 

Vicente Honorato is known for his keen musical ear and perfect pitch, which combined with his craftsman’s skills refined over long years impart in the instruments he creates a peerless tuning, without parallel. 



When making historical copies, we stay as close as possible to the original, not only in dimensions and material, but also in the craftsmanship techniques we employ.


We strive to grasp of the acoustic concept behind every instrument, using the latest technologies to aid us in our understanding. With this knowledge, we can influence the properties of an instrument in a directed way.


We are constantly refining our technical workmanship and our understanding of acoustics, e.g. through participation in research projects, applying our expertise in new ways to create specialized instruments of world-class quality. Unique Possibilities: We believe that all musicians are unique and aim to serve them by providing instruments customised to different sound concepts and playing demands.

Unique Possibilities:

Unique Possibilities: We believe that all musicians are unique and aim to serve them by providing a great variety of component parts and instruments customised to different sound concepts and playing demands.

Love of the instrument-know-how-passion of the craft.
When the know-how and the love of instruments become a passion, that of practicing a craft of art at the service of musicians.
The ophicleide is first and foremost a specialized workshop dedicated to the wind instrument which has since 2004 a recognized know-how and competence.
Located in Mulhouse in Alsace, the Atelier  was distinguished by the 2004 and 2007 prizes of the crafts, then again by the Grand Prix SEMA in 2008.
Partnering with leading manufacturers:
Buffet crampon, Yamaha, Bach, Selmer, Courtois, B&S, Pearl flute, Besson, Gilbert Bouton, Yanagisawa, Parmenon... This list is of course not exhaustive. Many brands are available, selected according to our technical and acoustic criteria.